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graceandtaste's Journal

when your eyes are all painted sinatra blue
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& don't give up megan. 19 years old. goes to niagara university. has a serious obsession with hockey & music. loves the montreal canadiens & going to concerts. isn't a canadian citizen, but when it comes to hockey wears the maple leaf proudly. it's canada's game deal with it.
PSCHDTProfile Codes ♥ montreal canadiens, hamilton bulldogs, c. price, s. koivu, m. d'agostini, m. pacioretty, m. komisarek, t. plekanec, s. kostitsyn, a. kostitysn, a. kovalev, p.k. subban, j. tavares(the younger).

♫ modest mouse, brand new, broken social scene, city & colour, donora, florence & the machine, kevin devine, love as laughter, m. ward, manchester orchestra, margot & the nuclear so & so's, sigur ros.

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